“I Went Into It Thinking It Was A Gift For My Fiancé, But Left Knowing The Experience Was Now Meant For Me First, And Him Second.”

Photograph of smiling woman, in floral bodysuit and white robe, playing with hair

When Jessica booked her solo boudoir session with us she thought she was doing it for her fiancé, who she’ll be getting married to later this year. 

Black and white photo from above of woman leaning back on edge of bed, hands on chest, breathing out

“I went into it thinking it was a gift for my fiancé, but left knowing the experience was now meant for me first, and him second,” she said.

Old hollywood style black and white photo of woman in a full body see through lace piece, leaning on her back, smiling with hand in hair

Jessica, who also goes by Jess, wanted to give her photos to Jordan, who she’s proud to say has stuck by her for the past 13 years. Despite pressure from family and friends, they’ve always been able to do things on their own terms. 

“While some people may think that is too long to date and we should have been married YEARS ago, I am so happy and proud of the life we have built together. We were able to take our time, purchase the home we wanted (without ever living together before!), adopt our adorable and handful of a dog, Walter, and enjoy the small moments with each other without giving into the pressure of when people thought we should be doing things,” she explained. 

Boudoir style photo of woman in black and floral bodysuit and hot pink heals, laying on her back, hands behind neck, with legs up on the edge of a clawfoot tub

Little did Jess realize, the experience would be transformational for her own self-image. 

“I had NEVER done anything like that before. I struggle to take compliments and accept my flaws as part of me. I was really, really nervous I would not be able to overcome my fear of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin,” she shared with us. 

Black and white full body boudoir photo of woman standing up against a wooden column, back arched.

Still, she wanted to push herself outside of her comfort zone so she swallowed her butterflies and packed up her outfits (a couple of body suits, bra and panty set, robes, and one of her fiancé’s shirts), and boy was she happy she did!

“The entire experience was incredible,” she said, adding that it made her feel so many joyful emotions, confident, beautiful, empowered and happy.

Photo of woman glancing down and smiling with her hand below her chin, in fiance's plaid shirt falling off shoulders

“I was surprised by how much I felt like I needed this experience after it was over. I have felt much more confident after my session. I rarely do things for myself and struggle to see my flaws as beautiful, but the session has helped me start to accept them.”

Boudoir style photo, from above, of woman lying on her back, in a black bra and panty set, smiling with her hand on her heart

Jess picked out an album, that she says is now just as much a gift to herself as it will be to her fiancé. She can’t wait to look back on it and remember this day. 

Boudoir style photo of woman arched back on the floor with her hand in her hair

“I just cannot say THANK YOU enough to Mike and Erika. This was a great way to start off the year. You both made me feel so special. It is an experience I will never forget, and would love to do again! “

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