Laura and Josh Booked An Allebach boudoir session together to reignite their spark for their 10 year anniversary

Laura and Josh recently came into the Allebach Photography studio to reignite that spark in their 10-year marriage (they came in just before their 10-year wedding anniversary to commemorate the milestone!).

“We met at our local hospital 12 years ago and it was love at first sight,” said Laura, adding that they bonded over both being registered nurses and their love of hiking and trail running 25k races. 

Since that fateful day they met more than a decade ago, they’ve raised a family (they have two 10 and 7-year-old boys, as well as a golden retriever) and in 2020 they built their dream home. 

Though Laura and Josh’s first objective in doing a Couple’s Boudoir session with us was to reignite that spark from their earlier days, they also knew it could help grow and enhance their marriage, bringing it to new heights. 

“It made us feel like we were one, we got to leave all of our titles at the door and focus on each other while capturing our love and passion,” said Laura, who tucked away a little black dress along with a white swimsuit and some lingerie to help set the tone. 

Thinking back to her favorite thing about the whole experience, she said,  “Being able to interact with my husband, bring back the fire within each other and realize that the spark, romance, desire, passion, and emotional connectedness are still very much present after 12 years.”

After their session, “My husband and I are closer and share an even deeper emotional connection with each other,” she adds.

Though Laura had a few of her own nerves, she is quick to tell others to leave those at the door. 

“Do it! Get out of your own head and allow yourself to be free! It’s so igniting to your soul to experience the photography session and to actually see yourself in the photos. We do not give ourselves enough credit for all the things that we have accomplished in our lives. The session made us feel so powerful in a lot of ways!”

To bring your own relationship to new emotional heights with a Couples Boudoir Session, call Allebach Photography at  610.539.6920 or visit to schedule a free consultation. 

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