Emotional Support Human Helps Guide Couple Through An Intimate and Sensual Boudoir Experience

During Kitty and Ryan recent Couple’s Boudoir session, the engaged couple leaned on not just each other for support, but their best friend, Emily, as well. Emily traveled with the couple from Jersey as their “emotional support human” and we love this idea!

“We are open minded to pretty much anything, but both of us have some body image issues. You wouldn’t be able to tell with how open we are but to be half naked in front of strangers puts that in the forefront of your mind,” explained Ryan. 

He added that on top of all of that, Kitty is pregnant and was therefore a bit more self-conscious about how the baby would be sitting. 

 The idea of a session with us was first planted in Ryan and Kitty’s minds when a friend of theirs, who has done several sessions with Mike and Erika, couldn’t stop raving about the experience and kept begging them to do one of their own. 

With enough coaxing from their friends (“you’re both hot, go for it!” they’d yell) Kitty and Ryan decided to give it a try, but not before asking their best friend, Emily, to come along for the ride. 

“The idea of approaching me I think really just came from being the person they are most comfortable with. We have a way of knowing what the other is thinking without even saying it out,” says Emily, who first met Ryan in college.

The three of them have been inseparable ever since Kitty entered the mix, and their relationship has become one of such trust that they’ve been able to take the friendship beyond traditional limits. 

“Occasionally when the feeling is right for all of us I have been a sexual partner of theirs. I felt like I found people that I could discuss sexual topics and not feel judged. This allowed me to try new things in a completely comfortable zone.”

Emily’s quick to add that while she may have been their support person in this scenario, the relationship goes both ways.

“I joke that I am the ‘emotional support human’ but they know that role is interchangeable for any of us that just need that human.”

When the day of the shoot arrived, Kitty and Ryan were surprised by how quickly they relaxed.

“We both expected to have to ease into the comfort. But literally from the second we walked into the studio, we were instantly comfortable. Within seconds, the heart rate lowered and we were tossing jokes around like we were at a reunion,” said Ryan.

Between Emily encouraging them from the sidelines and Mike and Erika working their magic, Kitty and Ryan moved through the session with ease, moving through several outfit changes (Kitty brought a red, plaid scarf with black panties, a white lace overthrow with white panties and a red bra and panty set with black heels. Ryan brought firefighter memorial kilt, his gray sweat shorts and his firefighting turnout gear.)

“Honestly, it was absolutely incredible to watch their session. Both of them have negative body images about themselves but getting to see just how comfortable they were the whole time was amazing,” said Emily.

“From watching Mike and Erika brainstorm while staring at you, to seeing the slideshow of everything that was taken, the experience was amazing!” said Ryan. 

When it came time to view their slideshow, Kitty and Ryan described themselves as being in jaw dropping awe. 

“Both of us and our BFF Emily sat there in awe watching the slide show. We didn’t think that we could do anything like this! Or look as amazing as we did!”

“Neither of us was aware that we could produce that much steaminess!” Kitty added. 

“It felt like they got to experience and enjoy the same feelings about themselves I get when I am with them. I am definitely inspired to do my own shoot,” said Emily.

Ryan finally understands what their friend that suggested they do a shoot was so hyped up about (as both he and Kitty are already trying to figure out how to do another one ASAP).

“After our session, I will preach…if you’re on the fence about a shoot, JUMP IN AND DO IT! You will truly leave that studio with a different outlook on yourself! Nervous? Bring your own emotional support human! We brought ours and Emily had just as much fun!”

He continues, “You should always be comfortable with your relationship. But to have people be able to capture that comfortability at the bare skin is absolutely incredible! Comfort is key, and we can’t preach this enough that the comfortability every second of session day was amazing!”

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