Love Notes: Dealon & Matt

WXPN World Cafe Live wedding

[dropcap color=”333333″ background_color=”FFFF00″] I [/dropcap] cannot say enough good things about our experience with Allebach Photography. I knew when Mike showed up to our engagement shoot in a Minor Threat t-shirt that we had picked the right man for the job, and he did not disappoint. During our wedding and reception, the photographers were stealthy – everywhere at once yet completely unobtrusive. They took the time to arrange my large family of roughly 40 people into a single shot where everyone’s face can be seen, pulling off what I consider a minor miracle. They captured everything with style and a sense of humor. We couldn’t be happier with the results, and everyone who has seen our photos loves them. If you are on the fence about hiring Allebach Photography, jump down on this side – the one with all the ecstatic reviewers who have worked with them. You will not regret it.

– Dealon & Matt

[at WXPN World Cafe Live in Philadelphia ]

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