“I’m having the best time of my life and I wanted to keep this moment forever.”

Tania’s journey of self-love and acceptance has been a long time coming.

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The 43-year-old mom of four came to America on her own when she was only 20. Away from family and of her home country, Tania has spent her time ever since building a life and a family of her own, which has included nurturing and taking care of everything and everyone, except herself. 

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A few years ago, Tania went through a very difficult, life changing experience that forced her to look inward in order to heal.

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“I went through a lot of pain and sadness. I was broken deep, down to the pit when I realized that I have given so much to everyone that I didn’t have anything left for me. It took me months full of dark days and tears to overcome that phase and rebuild myself,” Tania shared. 

Empowering boudoir session - philadelphia

“I finally learned to love me first. I understand that if I’m not ok I can’t help anyone. I learned to be selfish, I started to do everything I had postponed and I found myself happier, free, empowered, and in control of my life. I’m learning to love my imperfections, I’m learning to be happy with myself, to challenge myself to put myself out of my comfort zone and it is the best feeling ever.”

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Many of clients find us after going through these sorts of transformations and for Tania meeting with us was the next logical step. 

“I’m having the best time of my life and I wanted to keep this moment forever. That’s why I decided to do these photos, to always remember this moment of my life, to remember how strong I am,” says Tania, who added that this experience will stay with her forever. 

Since her session, Tania cannot stop boasting about how much she loved it! From the champagne toast to her final nude pose, Tania wouldn’t change a thing. 

“All I’ve been doing is talking about this since I booked my appointment. All my friends are waiting for the results! I told them how much I enjoyed it…I’m making people curious. The whole experience is great from the moment I made my consultation with Mike and booked it, the whole picking up what to wear to the day itself. December 27, 2021 is marked as one of the happiest of my life I won’t ever forget… I can’t wait to show off my album. I’m so excited. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I had the best experience Erika is just AMAZING she gave me so much confidence she made me feel so comfortable. Erika you are the best!”

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