Dare to Be Badass: Kirsten’s Unforgettable 50 Shades Experience As She Approaches 40

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Thirty-nine-year-old, on the verge of 40, Kirsten, was looking for a way to channel the badass woman she used to be when she recently answered our call for 50 Shades model call, our newest and spiciest opportunity yet!

“My life is currently a bit vanilla, but I was once a badass female with a love for cuffs, chains, big hair, and stilettos,” says Kirsten, who drove in from South Jersey. 

BDSM friendly boudoir

A mom of three and wife of 16 years, Kirsten is also a big advocate for the BDSM community and demystifying what that means for couples and individuals so when she saw the model call she jumped at the opportunity. 

“Your work speaks for itself,” she said. Kirsten wanted memories of her badass self and so she brought her attitude, along with her lingerie, stilettos, collar and handcuffs with her to the studio.

Kinky 50 shades of grey photoshoot New Jersey

During her session, in which Mike and Erika work simultaneously to create a completely safe space for couples and individuals to explore, play and discover, Kirsten felt like she was reliving some of the best times from her past. While it’s common for our clients to feel jitters before their session, Kirsten said she felt only excitement. 

From start to finish, Kirsten had the best time in the studio, and her session unfolded with her own personalized playlist that she made for the occasion, which, by the way, we think is an awesome idea.

“My playlist may have stolen the show. I’m always the DJ wherever I go. Music helps set the tone, I promise.”

Beyond capturing her fun side, Kirsten said the most illuminating part of her 50 Shades session was the way it solidified her confidence in herself and “the realization of my worth in the BDSM lifestyle.”

Kirsten now has several framed prints and an album, as well as the digitals of her favorite photos from her session to remember her experience by. 

“I had the greatest experience. The experience, the laughs, the atmosphere. It’s all amazing.”

Whether you’re curious about adding spice to your vanilla or you’ve played around in the lifestyle for awhile, we invite you to our studio for our new and elevated experience. Call us at 610.539.6920 or visit https://allebachphotography.com/info/book-session to schedule your 50 Shades session!

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