Couple Enjoys Boudoir So Much… They Do It Twice!

Sarah and Jon enjoyed their couples boudoir session with us so much that they’ve now done two.

Couples Anniversary Photos

Like many of our couples, the two were high school sweethearts and have been together since 2001. 

“We met through mutual friends, but he lived an hour away. So every weekend our parents would take turns driving me up there and bringing me home” Sarah explained. 

Intimiate Boudoir Photography

After Sarah graduated from high school, the two eloped and soon had their first daughter. Today they have three children together and just recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. 

“My middle daughter, Quinn, and I like to do pageants together sometimes. I met Mike when I was Miss Pennsylvania and I was preparing for the national pageant. I needed headshots for the program and I looked up local headshot photographers,” says Sarah. 

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While she was getting her hair and makeup done she began looking at his boudoir portfolio. When Mike said she could totally do one, “I told him no way, that I was too fat. He told me they had model calls often and he loved to have couples of all shapes and sizes for his portfolio. So I said Jon and I would like to try!”

Sarah was nervous to ask Jon but that after looking through Mike’s photos he became really into it. 

Philadelphia Area Boudoir

“I wanted us to have pictures of ourselves as a couple, to celebrate us together as lovers instead of just parents,” Jon explained. 

Though Sarah had been in front of the camera many times before, she admits she was very nervous for their couples session. 

Sexy Boudoir Poses

“I’ve never been nervous per se in front of a camera, but I was TERRIFIED when I got there. I was unsure of what my body would look like. I was unsure of how Jon would be with me in front of Mike.” 

To her surprise, Jon came to life in front of the camera, acting like he had done it his whole life. The complete opposite of what I thought was going to happen!

Intimate Couples Boudoir

After 20 years of being together, she saw a side of her partner she’d never seen before. 

“After our session, I truly felt like I saw a side of him I never saw before. It made him so much sexier to me. We became closer sexually,” she said. 

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Sarah learned so much from their first session that she wants to pass on to future clients:

“Number one, it’s so important that you’re not nervous and you just let go. You can tell the differences in my first couple boudoir and our second one- and it’s because I wasn’t nervous the second time and just let go! Number two, TRUST Mike. He’s going to pose you. He’s going to tell you to how to look good. The man can’t take a bad picture – I don’t care how you think you look. He’s brilliant. Number three, I would bring one or two outfits max, and they really don’t have to be super intricate. Some of his sexiest pictures are just bra and underwear. And definitely his nudes are the ones that really shine. The hardest part of the whole thing will be picking the pictures you want to keep and ones you want to exclude! I always want to keep every one of them.” 

Sarah has now shot with the studio four times and Jon three. In addition to couples boudoir, they’ve done headshots, solo boudoir, and calendar sessions. 

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For the first couples boudoir session, the couple got a box of matted prints, which are hanging in their private bedroom. They have albums for Sarah’s solo shot and for their second boudoir session. 

“I have another shoot coming up in December for the calendar and I’m not sure what I’m going to do for that one! I think the wall artwork is beautiful,” says Sarah.

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The couple says they are thankful and fortunate to have such visual reminders of their love, as well as fond memories of the process. 

“I’m so excited we will have these pictures to remember us as lovers and not just as a married couple or parents. They’ll remind us of such an important part of our relationship and love and not a lot of people get to have a visual reminder of that,” says Jon.

Couples Boudoir - Anniversary Present

Sarah agrees. “You will enjoy your experience with Mike, and he will make you look and feel beautiful, no matter where you are in your life at the moment. It’s an experience you’ll treasure forever and won’t ever forget.”

Anniversary Present for Him

If you’re ready to get your own visual reminder of you and your partner’s love for each other, book your couples boudoir session by calling 610.539.6920 or going to

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