Bucks County, Washington Crossing Historic Park, Heather and Tyler


Heather and Tyler's forever session in Bucks County, right outside of Philadelphia Proper at the Washington Crossing Park.
Heather and Tyler’s forever session in Bucks County, right outside of Philadelphia Proper at the Washington Crossing Park.

In the beautiful Washington Crossing Historic Park, located in Bucks County, PA, I was lucky enough to photograph Heather and Tyler on what it felt like was the perfect Philadelphia evening. The sun was setting just right, the weather was just what we needed and the excitement was in the air!

Heather, Tyler and I had a blast! We couldn’t stop shooting even when the sun was long gone. Tyler and Heather’s playfulness was evident in each and every frame I took. They were laughing. They were dancing. They were relaxing in the grass. It was cool to see them as a couple and even better to photograph them for their forever session! I love how my forever sessions take me all over Philadelphia and Washington Crossing Historic Park is now one of my fav. locations of the summer!

After the session, we put together an epic wall collection which I couldn’t be happier with. The collection showcased their love in such a unique and beautiful way. The photographs flowed together in such a way that really shows Heather and Tyler’s story.

BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_0120160715_0001 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_0220160715_0002 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_0320160715_0003 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_0420160715_0004 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_0520160715_0005 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_0620160715_0006 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_0720160715_0007 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_0820160715_0008 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_0920160715_0009 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_1020160715_0010 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_1120160715_0011 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_1220160715_0012 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_1320160715_0013 BUCKS_County_Washington_Crossing_Historic_Park_Heather_and_Tyler_1420160715_0014



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