Beautiful, Powerful and Sexy, Inside and Out

Melissa is still reeling over the solo boudoir session she had with us the other day. 

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“It’s still pretty fresh, but over the past 24 hours I’ve been reflecting and looking at myself differently. I have found a new appreciation for myself. I always said my beauty was on the inside but I felt so beautiful and powerful and sexy when looking at my photos,” says Melissa, who not only works as a digital marketer, but as a chef at an Italian restaurant and is a published poet. 

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A mother of two teenagers, Melissa has spent the last few years focusing hard-core on self-love. 

“Somewhere along the way, I had lost myself. As I became a wife and mother, I started to forget about giving myself the proper love and care. Before I knew it, I didn’t even recognize myself anymore,” she shared with us. 

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Like so many of us, Melissa had developed some insecurities over her body and self image (which can be hard to believe when you think of all that she’s accomplished over the years!). She found herself being super critical of herself and self conscious about the weight she’d gained over the past several years. 

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Luckily, a friend of hers introduced her to the Allebach Photography VIP Facebook group, and from there she fell in love, both with the content as well as with herself. 

“I read about all the wonderful experiences that people were having and I was super intrigued!”

So Melissa decided to take the plunge and schedule a solo session with us. 

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She was so excited and nervous!

“I wasn’t sure what to expect. I felt silly for being so nervous because Erika and Mike made me feel comfortable. I had so much fun. It was weird for me to let people make something all about me. I’m usually the one catering to others.”

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Melissa brought with her pieces to wear that she never thought she would have the guts to wear in front of anyone. She even surprised herself by how quickly she was willing to get naked in front of the camera!


At her photo reveal, “I teared up a little. The reveal was very moving. I had never seen myself in this way before. I chose images for my album that I can look back on to remind myself how awesome and beautiful I am. I want to order some wall art!” she said. 

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Melissa had not only kind words for herself, but for us too!

“I just want to thank Mike and Erika for this experience. For helping me look at myself more positively and helping me appreciate my curves! They really are invested in helping you see yourself. I mean really seeing yourself and appreciating your body. They are always kind and a lot of fun!”

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For anyone considering a solo session, Melissa urges them to give it a shot. 

“I would say stop thinking and just do it! Life is too short to deny yourself such a healing and unique experience. Life is about experiences and adventures. “

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Let us help you see the real you too! Book your session by calling 610.539.6920 or by visiting

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