Anna (Family Photos)

“I have been amazed by Mike Allebach’s engagment and wedding photography for so long that I’ve been just waiting to be able to use them. There aren’t a lot of family portraits on the website, but I decided to chance it and hire him to shoot 18-month “portraits” of my daughter. I couldn’t be happier. He was SO great with my daughter, he just let her run around, play with her toys, he kept smiling and making noises and getting her to laugh. I can never get great pictures of her because she is so fascinated by cameras that she ends up having this super confused look on her face in every shot. Not in Mike’s – she is smiling and laughing in every single picture. With another photographer I worked with to have Molly’s 6 months pictures taken, the photographer charged extra for each person in the photos – not Mike. He took shots of her, me, us, my boyfriend, my stepmom, and my best friend – with Molly and without. Anyway, I have to get back to fawning over my photos now, but I just have to tell anyone considering hiring Allebach – do it. You will be over the moon.”

– Anna

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