When the Couples Boudoir Experience is so Good He Proposed at the End

From the romantic to the kinky, the Allebach Photography studio has seen a lot (if these walls could talk!) but recently it experienced a brand new first, an engagement proposal!

As Lynn and Bernard were wrapping up their couple’s session with us, Bernard got down on one knee and asked Lynn to be his bride.

“After the last five months of planning our wedding he finally got down on one knee after our shoot was done and officially asked me to be his WIFE!” Lynn shared with us, her heart still racing from the endorphins of both their session and their proposal.  “To say I’m so happy is an understatement! This man has made me the happiest woman on the planet.”

Lynn and Bernard, who share four children from previous relationships, truly never thought they’d find true love again before crossing paths with each other. 

“I am a 39 year-old mom of three children. He is a 48 year-old dad of one daughter. Life has thrown lots of lemons our way. We have always pulled through them. One thing we thought we’d never pull through was finding that true love again! Guess what? We did, the day he decided to like my dating profile on Facebook,” says Lynn. 

From the second they started messaging, Lynn swears she could tell he was the one, her forever. 

“We have not missed a beat of one another’s life since the first day of talking. We both have had our ups and downs in life but that is what brought us together,” she said. 

Lynn has wanted to do a couple’s boudoir session since the very beginning, and actually asked Bernard right off the bat if he would do one with her. 

“Three days into talking to him I asked him if we became serious would he do a couples boudoir with me. He immediately replied with absolutely!”

She added, “I think he thought I was kidding about doing the shoot until I bought him the sitting fee for his birthday and won a gift card…no backing out now!”

The couple, who have each struggled individually with body image, were nervous about being in front of the camera, but drew confidence from their love and acceptance of one another. 

“We were both so nervous being a heavyset couple, but let me tell you he has already talked about doing another shoot in a few years! We had a blast!”

Looking back Lynn said she was totally surprised by the easy flow of the session.

“The team is so easy to work with and so reassuring. I can’t thank Mike and Erica enough for capturing our love! Can’t forget Sparkle for making me look and feel more beautiful than ever!”

They ended up with a 40-page album because they just fell in love with so many of their images. 

“Looking at those amazing pictures that were captured of the love we have for one another was absolutely beautiful!”

Lynn’s favorite part of the entire experience was getting to see the way her now fiancé looks at her and says that since their session, she feels even more deeply for Bernard. 

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