“I am beautiful exactly the way I am and nothing can change my mind”

Zoe budgeted for her solo boudoir session with us and says it was worth every penny!

Clavin Klein Underwear Boudoir Photography

“Back in December I decided not to go with Allebach Photography because of the cost. I was still paying monthly for school so I couldn’t afford it at that time,” says Zoe. 

“That was my biggest obstacle. However when a chance came up to be a model and do a session that way it was a no brainer because of how incredible the work is! It is worth the money!”

Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer

Not only did Zoe budget her finances accordingly for the session, she also budgeted her time.  This girl is busy; she’s not only a firefighter and an EMT but a nursing student as well! 

“I have also been a waitress since the time I could walk because of a family business and it has taught me many personable qualities and a hard work ethic. I tend to overwork myself and put all my energy into other people so I got into doing this session for myself!”

Black and White Vintage Boudoir Set

Last semester she’d had an entire class on self-care and it made her realize the better she takes care of herself the more she can help others without feeling so drained. We’re thrilled that boudoir sessions are quickly becoming all the rage in the self-care world!

Red Velvet Roaring 20's Boudoir Photography Set Philadelphia

From the moment she walked in Zoe says she was so excited because of all the awesome set options there were in the space. 

“I was completely unsure of what the session would be like and all I knew was that I would leave feeling beautiful. I was really happy that Erika was there because a woman being your hype girl is the BEST possible thing to have genuine pictures that you feel good about. No offense to men, but it’s just something about compliments from a woman that means more.”

Philly Pinup Heels Boudoir Photo

Zoe brought a Calvin Klein outfit with and paired with a colored leather jacket and lace up heels. 

“This outfit was my absolute favorite because it was sporty and edgy and made me feel sexy in more of an athletic way without being too exposed. I’ve always been on more of the conservative side so it was very comfortable and the colors looked amazing in the various sets!”

Lashes For Days Boudoir Photo

She also brought a high waisted red and black heart two-piece lace set with her, the perfect balance between elegant and romantic. 

Though she had a blast during her session being pampered like a true queen and model, Zoe says her favorite part was the big reveal. 

Self Love Self Care North Wales Boudoir Photographer

“When I first saw my photos my jaw literally dropped. I was so blown away with how amazing I looked. I couldn’t believe it was truly me. I felt like with each scroll I got more and more excited and happy. I never thought I could feel that way about my own body. You always see the models on Instagram and think wow if only I looked like that…. BUT I DID!” 

She continued, “My favorite part of the experience was hands down seeing my photos. It was like a cinematic premiere and all I was missing was popcorn! You never know how the photos are turning out as they are taking them so seeing the end result is astonishing and reliving.”

Candid Boudoir Photos

Zoe wanted to choose every single photo, but she wisely stuck to her budget and selected a few of her very favorites. 

“I decided to go with photos that highlighted different pieces of myself and made me feel not only comfortable showing others but blown away with my figure, features and outfits.”

Bodyscaping Heels Philadelphia Boudoir

 Since her session, Zoe finds herself no longer comparing herself to others on social media sites like the Gram. 

“My life was impacted in the way that I’m not constantly comparing myself to others anymore. After seeing myself on the jumbo screen I can say I AM that girl on Instagram. I am beautiful exactly the way I am and nothing can change my mind,” she said.  

Female Volunteer Firefighter

To those thinking about booking a session Zoe says, “If you have the money to spend it is worth it! And if not budget some money monthly in order to make it happen later! The amount of power and happiness it brings you seeing yourself in that way is the finest form of self-care when it comes to body image and insecurities. Everyone needs a little self-care in their lives and everyone should do a boudoir shoot. It was a perfect opportunity! And so worth it.”

Convinced yet? Book your session by calling 610.539.6920 or by visiting http://allebachphotography.com/contact/

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