Celebrating Love and a New Beginnings with Couples Boudoir Photography

Anonymous Couples Boudoir

An anonymous share from one of our couples on their experience at Allebach Photography

H and G recently came into the studio to celebrate their first year as a couple, but for these two it was about that and so much more.

“We are both middle-aged professionals with kids – one grown, two little – embarking on a journey of love post our respective divorces from long marriages. We did the shoot as a way to celebrate the year mark of our relationship as we turn toward thinking about the long term and renewing our belief that love can grow, change, last, and create family,” says H.

For H and G, not only was the session a way to connect with each other, it was also an opportunity for them to get to know their new bodies after going through some pretty significant physical changes (Over the past couple of years, G, has transitioned to becoming himself as male-presenting, whereas H has lost about 100 pounds.)

It was important to both of them that their photographer be body positive, open-minded and supportive of G being a trans man.

“To be honest, it was Mike’s post about sobriety. That he was open about his struggles let me see him as a human, and know that he would see me as the same. It was inspiring,” said G, on what convinced him to take the leap of faith on a session with the studio.

Though they entered their Couples Boudoir session nervous and a little hassled after getting lost on the way to the studio, H and G quickly relaxed into the experience of playing dress up together.

One thing that surprised them the day of was that there was less of a focus on any kind of forced attempts of
sexiness. Instead, it felt more organic, with the focal point being on their connection to each other.
“It was less sexy, in a way, and more about the connection between us.”

Afterwards, during their photo reveal, the couple’s photos left them “blown away.”

“OMG. From a professional looking headshot to, well not….all of them are just incredible. My first tendency was to look away from the shots where there were parts of my body that have felt hard for me to look at, but as I went through them I was able to see the beauty in my body as it is,” said H.
H left the studio feeling more real and at peace with her own body than ever before.

“I saw my body in its fullness, and embraced it as my own. I feel more at ease in my skin. I feel more connected to G. I feel willing to take more risks.”

She added, “We went to Allebach with trepidation about our bodies and the process and left feeling so full, of love for each other, of love for ourselves, of appreciation for Erika and Mike. We love you guys. Go. Now. “

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