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Allebach Photography Review

Allebach Photography Boudoir Review - Philadelphia Pa

I was nervous at first, but you'll have to trust me when I say that this is the best idea for a boudoir shoot. The people were so understanding and kind! Everyone made it easy as pie- even if they had never met before we all felt like old friends by the end of our time together. Not only are my pictures great - everyone in them looks amazing too because we got along so well!

I went for a solo boudoir photo shoot last week and let me tell you: It's one of those genius ideas that just make sense once someone points out how much fun it could be. I must admit, on paper going through with such an awkward (for some) situation seemed daunting enough, but thankfully

1280 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa

Location: 1280 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa.