Fun Couples Boudoir Photo Ideas
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Fun Couples Boudoir Photo Ideas

Fun Couples Boudoir Photo Ideas

The team at Allebach Boudoir Photography is known for their high-quality, intimate photographs. When the photos finally got revealed to him he was blown away and stated: "OMG! I can't believe these are my wife and its not even a model.. it's like she is an angel."

After their photo shoot, they were blown away and couldn't believe the photos. "OMG! I can't believe these are my wife." He said after inspection of his phone where we've stored all 60 images from our session together as he gave me an approving smile that would melt anyone else's heart too - not just because its him but also knowing what this means for us both personally (but more than anything).

He continued by telling how excited each one made him feel: Some romantic shots with a soft spotlight on you two embracing or intimate poses in front-decking chairs; some playful moments captured around town while holding hands like true lovers do.

Location: Richmond, Va.