Couples Boudoir in a Cast Iron Tub
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Couples Boudoir in a Cast Iron Tub

Couples Boudoir in a Cast Iron Tub

Do you want a sexy couples photoshoot in a cast iron tub? We are Bucks County's premier boudoir and couples boudoir photographers. We have a beautiful cast iron tub for your and your partner to jump in. We are LGBTQ friendly. Couples from Montgomery County, Philadelphia, Bucks and Chester county love getting photographed at Allebach Photography.

This tub was made in 1925 by the American Standard company in Louisville Ky. It was then used as the primary bathtub in a beautiful home. For decades it spent time in storage falling into disrepair. Thankfully it was able to be fixed and painted and glazed to it's former glory and now sits in our North Wales, Pa studio.

We have several vignettes in our studio for you to use. You'll be able to get photographed in the Tub, rock n roll set, bedroom, 1930s glamour set and on black leather. Each set will bring out your personality uniquely.

Our studio has been ranked in the top 100 portrait and wedding photographers in the United States and Canada. So you know you'll be in good hands. Be sure to read our reviews on Google and Yelp!

This review is great

"I don't even know where to begin, it was such an empowering experience. I'll start by saying that I'm the shy, awkward, uncoordinated, self conscious, introverted chick who isn't comfortable with normal PDA let alone stripping down to almost nothing and getting handsy with my hubby in front of a stranger, let alone one who is taking pictures of us. That being said, ***I literally cannot wait to do this again.*** It's all I can think about and it was an insane confidence boost that I didn't realize I needed. Hair and make up by Katherine. Holy confidence boost Batman. I had more makeup than I normally wear and it looked amazing! I was incredibly nervous about our session. When it comes to myself I'm pretty conservative so I thought I was going to have issues getting down to just lingerie. Starting in a corset and jeans and knee high boots was perfect, then a bodysuit, and then a bralette set. I had a glass shattering moment, standing in nothing but a lacy bodysuit and heels, it broke the 13 years of Catholic schooling that I had to be "modest" that was beat into my head for so many years that affected me more than I thought it had. Stepping out after changing and seeing my husband's eyes practically fall out of his head on to the floor was one of the top moments of the experience. At no point was I nervous or self conscious and I'm still on a high from it all. Mike made us feel sooooo comfortable, there was no pressure to do anything that we wouldn't be comfortable with and I am sooooo happy we did it. Mike was professional and fun, with the occasional "lift your chin" or "pop that booty" and the "yesssssss" and saying how he can just see the amazing connection my husband and I have. I didn't think a few hour session could make us feel more connected but the laughs and intimate moments we shared really brought us closer together. It was an insaneeeee confidence boost that I so needed. Sitting down to see our photos was probably my top moment of the day. Seeing the way my hubby looks at me from a different perspective showed me just how beautiful I am and as he sees me, even though he tells me every day. Mike doesn't just take pictures, his sessions empower, give confidence, help people break out of their shell, and bring couples closer together. I cannot recommend doing couple's boudoir with Mike enough."

Call 610.539.6920 to book your sexy tub session!

Location: Doylestown, Pa.