Bedroom Boudoir Photography Plus One Person
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Bedroom Boudoir Photography Plus One Person

Get Photographed In Between the Sheets with Bedroom Boudoir Photography

Take a regular solo bedroom photoshoot and add a plus one to double the fun. Boudoir can be a hoot if you add an additional person in. Many people call this type of bedroom sexy photography lingerie photography. We specialize in this type of photography. Our experience is ranked the number one in the country. Fly or drive to have this experience.

Allentown Lingerie Photography

Lingerie photography is another name for a boudoir photosession, when you add a second person (a plus one) you get couples boudoir photography. Prepare to have the best date of the year at our bedroom studio.

Call 610.539.6920 or text us at the same number to get scheduled for your lingerie photography!

Location: Allentown, Pa.