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Hey I'm Mike! "The Original Tattooed Bride Photographer" as Rock n Roll Bride calls me (more on that later). I photograph weddings and colorful people in Philadelphia and around the United States.

I grew up mildly obsessed with the Choose Your Own Adventure series and the Guinness Book of World Records. I'm married with 3 frenetic non stop boys which makes every day my own little adventure.

If you want beautiful, colorful, comfortable photos quickly you've landed at the right place. Although I photograph pretty much anywhere, I have a 2,700 sq ft mid 19th century studio loft in the suburbs of Philadelphia. It's mainly used for boudoir, portraits and meeting with awesome people.

Maybe you read an article I wrote on TattooedBride.com, Lover.ly or Offbeat Bride or were referred by a friend who loved their Allebach Photography photos. Hopefully you didn't have to swim through the exactly 4,329,984 photography websites and shark infested waters to get here. If you are like any of my clients, the websites you had to wade through contained the same boring, stiff, fake poses over and over. Well, I'm here to make things easier, comfortable and better..er..er.

For some people standing in front of the camera is a bit like the first day of high school. I remember it vividly. I walked into a bleach scrubbed lunchroom filled with tall kids smelling of sweat and dad's borrowed cologne. I felt lost and uncomfortable. I didn't know where to sit and or what to do. And I waited...

Maybe you can relate. Maybe photography seems...stilted or uncomfortable .

Overcoming the awkward, camera shy, "I hate photos" moments is my business. Making people feel comfortable and helping them to warm up is what I do best! And if you haven't seen my video - my clients have fun!

Reach out so we can make some colorful photography magic.

What Makes Allebach Photography Different?

Trusted Photographer Since 2006

Allebach Photography photos and stories have been featured all over the world on over 100 blogs, websites, magazines and newspapers. More importantly a quick google search will show you many glowing reviews over the years by happy Allebach Photography couples and family portrait clients (Yelp, Google Local, Weddingwire, the Knot).

Since 2006, I've been a professional wedding photographer. My goal is to have every client and couple brag about the service and photos they received from me.

Photographers always tell me I get the best clients and I agree. I've been able to spread how I book clients I love with thousands of photographers through speaking engagements for organizations like Kodak in New York City, Portland, Las Vegas, Boston and Philadelphia.

Sadly, the world of photography is a creepy place full of fraud photographers who you can't trust. I've written an article about how many photographers use images they didn't take to advertise their business. Read the Fraudtographer article here in our helpful wedding information section.

Your 14 Day Photo Guarantee

You've heard of people getting their wedding or portrait images in 6 months...or a year or two years? Allebach Photography is the only company to offer the 14 Day or Less Guarantee. All wedding photos are processed and ready for online viewing in 14 days or less. Portrait images are processed in 14 days or less or the sitting fee is refunded. For weddings the online Wedding Gallery is uploaded within 14 Days or you get a 10x10 album worth $1250 for free. Contact us for more details.

Wedding Photography, Engagements & Elopements Everywhere

Fear not if you are a wedding client, I travel all over the United States for weddings. Although I'm based in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia, I have photographed weddings and engagements in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Florida, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Virginia. I'd love to talk about your wedding location, contact me here!

You Can be Creative (or leave it up to me)

Some people leave all the creativity to me. And some people bring themes to their photoshoots. Themes I've photographed for engagements include Star Wars, Cards Against Humanity, Arcade Games, Bowling, Golfing, Paint Throwing, Light Painting, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Library, Zoo, Aquarium, Beer Crawl / Pub Crawl, Olde City Philadelphia and so many more ideas. Contact me here with your fun engagement, wedding or boudoir ideas.

I'm Not Afraid of the Dark, I Bring my Own Light

Photography is all about light. I'm light obsessed. I find perfect light...or make it with my lighting equipment. I love light painting, night time portraits and photography in any lighting scenario. Day or night, I've got you covered.

You are Protected. Your Images are Protected

Protecting your images and memories mean a lot to me. I carry two cameras and each camera photographs to two separate memory cards. Each photo I take goes onto two cards. Once I transfer your images and memories to my computer, they are uploaded to a website for backup and I don't use the memory cards again until your event is finished and delivered.

As a registered LLC in Pennsylvania I carry a 1 million dollar liability insurance policy, equipment insurance and back up your images both on site and off site. It is important for any photographer you hire to have a good backup plan in place. Your images are captured using the most professional equipment available to me. I always carry backup lenses, lighting and 2 cameras. I use Professional Grade Cameras, Nikon & Sigma Lenses and the best lighting in the world, Profoto.

Your Photos at The Epic Photo Loft Studio

I photograph boudoir, family portraits and head shots at the Photo Loft in North Wales, Pa. Also this is where I meet clients to talk about their wedding or portrait session. The 2,700sq ft studio is located within walking distance of the North Wales Train Station (Lansdale/Doylestown R5 Line) which is a 40 minute ride from Center City Philly. Set up a meeting in the studio through our contact page.

Show Your True Colors

The uniqueness of my photos comes from the uniqueness of my clients. And I believe I have the best clients in the world. People let down their guard around me which allows me to the wonderful images you view on this site.

Quirky, colorful, creative, awesome people choose Allebach Photography. I have photographed offbeat, gay, trans, straight, straight-edge, roller girl, nerdy, steampunk, punk rock, rockabilly, tattooed, not-tattooed, interfaith and couples with disabilities. I even photograph luxury and high end weddings for some photographers I can't mention. Some people give their weddings a label or a style. And some couples just celebrate marriage.

What people tell me is I'm accepting. No matter what group, condition, life-stage or lifestyle you consider yourself to belong to, I can photograph you, your union and your partner in crime. Contact me here to see if your wedding date is available

Together We Made Wedding Photography More Accepting

When I was in a punk rock band in 1999 I actually played guitar at a wedding. I played punk rock in a church while a bride entered ran into the church. As a wedding photographer, I never saw a photo of a punk rock bride in any wedding magazine or online. So in 2008 I set out to change that. I put together a tattooed bride photoshoot. The results were unlike anything shown in wedding magazines. Both Offbeat Bride and Rock n Roll bride picked up the photos. Together we changed the wedding industry. We made tattoos accepted in the wedding world. To this day, people still call me the Tattooed Wedding Photographer or Tattooed Bride Photo Guy.

Accepting doesn't end there.

Sadly, in the photo world not everyone is as accepting. My clients have told me other photographers threatened to airbrush out all of their tattoos. I've heard photographers make fun of their clients behind their back. Well... I love my clients! I photographed my first Lesbian Union in New Jersey in 2011 (before Gay Marriage was granted legal status). Since then I've continued to photograph Gay, Lesbian & Transgender weddings.

I Believe in Giving Back

When you book me, you support some pretty awesome things.I believe whole-effing-heartily in what I do. Every year I lead and organize the Philadelphia arm of the Help-Portrait, an organization that allows less fortunate people to get photos around the holidays. Together we have taken & printed photos of 1,000 homeless & low income people at no cost to them. My photography has also supported adoption through The Heart Gallery, a volunteer organization that allows professional photographers to take amazing photos of kids who need families. In 2014, I produced a calendar with the support tattoo shops raising money for cancer research through the Eli Seth Matthew Leukemia Fund.

Saving Your Memories

Digitals are okay, saved memories are better. In the world of digital we forget to print out images for our homes. We take quick snaps with our cell phone (I'm guilty of this) and never do anything with them. All of my portrait packages include a reveal session where I help you get art and albums for your home of your family, your child or significant other. People lose files, hard drives die but wall art, prints and albums stand the test of time. Bonus! All of our albums, kodak prints and wall art are made in America and support American Businesses.

Each wedding package includes an album and wall art. It's important for me to know you have your wedding day memories recorded in something that can be handed down for generations (or ya know shown after the robots eat our computers.)

Let me Help You Navigate the Confusing Wedding World

If you are getting married and need a little help navigating the confusing wedding world, I put together a Helpful Wedding Info Section in the menu.

One Wedding a Day

I only photograph one wedding a day. If you book me for your wedding, I will photograph it. Some wedding photographers send other photographers in their place so they can book 3 weddings a day. It's a sleazy practice. Budget wedding photography mills (the companies that won't let you choose your photographer until a few months before your wedding) use similar practices.

I have shot every wedding I've been booked for. It's not uncommon for me to get 15 inquires for popular wedding dates. Once a retainer is put down and contract signed, that date is gone. Please contact me now if you want the best chance at booking your wedding date. Any date that is still open 6 months away is available for elopements or small wedding hourly coverage. Contact is for our full pricing guide for more info on Philly Elopements.

No Worries, Stress Free Photos

With 9 years experience I'm up for anything you or your wedding day can bring. Feel comfortable and relaxed on your big day!

Did you really make it to the bottom?

You my friend are pretty awesome. I made the...longest...ever...about me page to answer most of the common questions I get. So High Five to you informed citizen!

And yes, I promise I'm not this chatty in person, I'm actually pretty chill. If you made it this far give me a call or contact me via my contact page. If I can't help you (your wedding date is booked) or you want a photography service I don't offer like product photography, I'll connect you with someone who can.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to speak or meet with you soon and learn your story and photograph what makes you unique.

Let's make some awesome photos together.

Additional Contact Info:

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