Photographers: Just Stop Already

Photographers, I know you are freaked out and panicking from the cancellations and reschedules. I know you are trying to figure out any last-minute ways to make money. But for the health, safety and security of this nation and your clients just stop already.

So to be clear this means:

No minis

No social distance headshots

No porch portraits

No outdoor portraits

No shot through a window portraits

No green eggs and ham Sam I am portraits

I know at first, it seemed like this whole mess was just like “the flu.” Then we heard the stories out of Italy with hospitals being brought to their knees.

The sooner we all hang up our hats for the moment, the sooner we can get back to business. This is sad difficult work. Stopping what you love doing isn’t easy. Trust me I love photographing couples everyday. It’s not easy watching photography contracts and money fly out of the window.

What we can do:

Sell gift certificates

Reschedule for the fall

Book portraits for later

Call your mortgage company and see what options they have

Write a song

Talk to your landlord about rent options

Start a Patreon


Write a book

Be generous

Start a Tik Tok

Play music

Write a poem

Work on your marketing

Check-in on your clients

Start a VIP group

There is no way to get around this. There is only through. We are all in this together. This will take extreme sacrifice and generosity from your clients, the government, landlord and mortgage company. This won’t be easy for anyone. Stay brave my friends.

Mike Allebach is a photographer in the Philadelphia suburbs currently holed up in his basement unable to take photos at his studio at this time.

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