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“I believe in the power of a good story”

Welcome to my personal projects.  I believe the secret to an amazing life is living a good story.  I tell other people’s stories and invite them in to tell their story.

Tattoo Stories
A project of tattoos and the meaning behind them.

 Philadelphia, Pa Stotesbury Mansion

The Roaring 20s
Tattooed + 1920s + a beautiful mansion.

Photos with Strangers
A social visual arts experiment involving me + strangers + a Fuji Instax 210 (Polaroid style) camera.  I post these as a make them.  I am shy…or used to be before I started this project. Truth.


Jaleel King
Jaleel was shot and almost killed at the age of 8.  His story (edited & filmed by Mike Allebach) has inspired thousands.




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2 Responses To  “Storytelling”
  • Martin Kimeldorf

    Just learning about you after seeing the amazing Jaleel King video. That video calls out the tears as I face knee surgery and if it does not go well then I have to re-think how/if I still want to use my camera and lights. The King video was healing and gave me back some perspective.


    These days I try to keep going with green screen because i no longer have to haul stuff around…and can’t anyways.

    Again, I much enjoy your story.

  • Sally

    Mike, the site looks fantastic. I love the way you have it laid out, the lifestyle and storytelling, incredible. And of course the photos, what incredible shots. I hope I can become half as talented as you some day. Just one thing I hope you don’t mind that I point this out. There is a typo under Photos w/Strangers. You wrote “I post as a make them”. Change the a to I. Good luck with everything.


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