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Hattie Watson in Black and White

Hattie Watson stopped by the Allebach Photography studio in North Wales, Pa for a session. The goal was to produce a book of images straight out of camera. These photos are unretouched. The only thing done to these photos was converting them to black and white.

Boudoir & Modeling Portfolios by Allebach Photography

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Can I get photos just like Hattie Watson?

I can do the same sort of session but Hattie Watson is Hattie Watson...so there's that.

Allebach Photography 403 E Walnut Street, North Wales, Pa

Hattie Watson 1

Hattie Watson photographed at Allebach Photography's studio in North Wales, Pennsylvania. Hattie Watson has been featured in Inked Magazine, Pure Filth Magazine and Tattoo Life. She has a one of a kind look. These photos in this gallery are unretouched. The lighting used in the photos in this gallery used was either the Magmod Grid for the hard light photos or the Einstein with PLM modifier.