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Do you travel?
Yes, I travel anywhere in the United States.  A quickly growing percentage of our weddings occur outside of Pennsylvania.

Does “The Tattooed Bride Photographer” Mike Allebach photograph at all the weddings?
Yes, all wedding photography is handled by Mike Allebach.

I want to book you for my wedding.  What is the next step?
Contact us and the office ninja will double check that your date is available.  If it is, we’ll schedule a phone consult, skype or in person meeting.   After that all we need is a $1000 retainer (some people call this a deposit) to book your wedding.

Why don’t you list your prices for wedding photography?
Each package is customized to the needs of the couple.  I regularly photograph couples that thought they could never afford my services.  I offer special packages to offbeat couples and tattooed brides. Contact us for our latest specials.

Why do you take photos of tattooed brides?
Short answer:  I love inviting people with different ideas in and helping them with their creative vision. For 4 years I was in a punk rock band and thought it would be amazing to see brides with tattoos (at the time I had never seen photos of a heavily tattooed bride)

Do you barter?
Yes, if you make kick ass stuff it’s possible, just ask on the contact form.

I’m a casting agent for a wedding show, are you interested in sending me the info on your tattooed brides?
No, we no longer take inquires from Casting Agents for reality TV.  Please stop contacting us, our brides are not for sale.

Is it true that you offer discounts to tattooed brides, offbeat brides or rock n roll brides?
Yes, I offer a special wedding photography package for tattooed brides and brides looking for an alternative to “cookie cutter wedding photography”.  Contact us for the special package.

I have this crazy idea, can you photograph it?
Yes!  I help couples with creative visualization for stylized photo sessions they absolutely love.

Do we get High Resolution Images to keep?
Yes.  You can get unwatermarked photos to post on facebook or whatever you do with High Resolution images.  I can give you files on dropbox or a fancy DVD.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yep.  You can pay with cash, credit card or check.

I don’t have tattoos but I like your photos, can you photograph my wedding?
Yes! Many of my clients don’t have tattoos, they just want someone who will photograph their wedding  without reservation.  All of our clients choose us because we understand brides that want something a bit different.

I don’t like being in front of a camera but I want photos that show my personality, can you help me?
This is my specialty.  I will make you feel comfortable on your wedding day.  My goal is to leave you with a feeling that a good friend photographed your wedding and got the most awesomest (not a word, I know) photos of you.

How much equipment do you carry?
I have a suitcase full of equipment and backups to all my equipment.  This is my life and I take my job seriously.

Are you insured?
Yes, I have both equipment insurance and a $1million liability policy that our insurance can provide to your wedding venue.

How are my photos stored?
I immediately back up your photos offsite and onsite.  By the time your wedding photos are processed they are in 3 secure locations across the United States.

What is your wedding deposit/retainer?
$1000.  We only accept 1 full wedding a day currently.  The retainer of $500 allows us to turn away weddings on your wedding date.

Do you photograph same-sex ceremonies, marriages and weddings?
Yes! I’d love to photograph your wedding.

I really want you to photograph my wedding but ______________________
A lot of people wonder if we can photograph their wedding.  Sometimes the best thing to do is schedule a time to talk with me or meet with me.

Do you have a facebook page?
Check it out at

I heard you email out awesome stress saving wedding tips to brides & grooms.  Is that true?
Yep, get them at .  You don’t need to be a client and we’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in offbeat wedding planning for great tips!  They are free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

What is your mission?

Just be yourself.  My mission is empowering tattooed brides and alternative brides to get the wedding photos that they want. I’m a rock n roll kind of company. I photograph alternative families, tattooed brides, punk rock grooms, steampunk couples, inked brides, gay and lesbian weddings and off-beat alternative couples.  No matter what kind of wedding you have planned, I’ll accommodate your ideas and make your photos represent YOU!

My clients enjoy the fact that they don’t have to pretend, be someone they are not or follow a certain trend.  You’ll never hear us say, “Let’s photoshop out your tattoos” like some other photographers have said.  Instead I’ll work with you and your style to get you what you want!

Got ideas for a fun engagement session?  Let’s hear them. I’ve photographed our clients in bars, restaurants, throwing water balloons, painting each other, meeting up at the place where they met, on earth moving machinery and in an old jailhouse.
Want crazy trash the dress photos?  I’ve photographed couples burning their dress, in prison, jumping in water and throwing paint at each other.

Think your wedding is too weird?  It’s not.  Think it’s not weird enough?  I love anything that departs from the ordinary but we still photograph weddings of non-tattooed clients (10% of our brides don’t have tattoos, some wouldn’t consider themselves alternative brides at all).

Please tell me about how awesome your wedding is, I’m sure I’ll love your ideas.

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  • Amber routson

    I can’t wait to get married and have you photograph it! I just can’t get enough of your pictures and the awesome emails you send out and how personable you seem! You got a fan here!! Keep it up!

  • Krista Kellar

    Is it wrong that I really really had to stop myself from putting a random porn link in the webside field??

    Hey hey!
    So I stumbled across your portfolio, and you get this all the time but you sir are my hero. I know it says you’re cool with going anywhere in The USA, but how do you feel about flying to the minnisota/ontario border, then coming 20 km into Canada eh?
    There will be bacon, maple syrup and sooooooooooo much beer. And yes, our beer is exponentially better than the swill in the states. Trust me.

    No set date yet, but I’m curious!


    • Mike Allebach

      I’d need to check into restrictions. I’ve heard of a lot of bands getting turned away. Wonder if it’s the same for photographers.

  • Becky Phifer

    I messaged you on facebook, but I forgot to ask if you are available for October 4, 2013 for a Las Vegas tattooed bride and groom?

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