Philadelphia Tattoo Convention – Polaroids

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention – Polaroids

We had a blast at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2013 and decided to post the Polaroid photos we took at the tattoo convention.

Be sure to check back for more photos from the Philadelphia tattoo arts convention!

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Mike Allebach

Hailed by a Rock n Roll Bride as “the Original Tattooed Bride Photographer” Mike Allebach possesses an amazing ability to naturally photograph life on the fringe. He is a visual campfire storyteller. His journey into wedding photography started when he was in a punk rock band. Before photographing weddings, he photographed punk bands. Ariel author of Offbeat Bride said “It’s obvious that Mike Allebach so totally gets offbeat brides” Mike says about his clients, “In my heart I’m instinctively inclusive, always looking for ways to draw others into the circle and make them feel wanted, heard, and appreciated. It’s my punk rock ethic. The uniqueness of my photos comes from the uniqueness of my clients. And I believe I have the best clients in the world.”

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